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A ride-a-long glimpse of bike culture from a kid's point-of-view.

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original title: Bmx, D

genge: Documentary,Short,Action,Adventure,Biography,Family,Sport



duration: 4min



keywords: pointofview, youngadult, bikehelmet, stadium, stairjump, friendship, boy, bmxstuntriding, bmxbike, youth, biketrick, bicycle, motocross, stunt, bikeflip, wheelie, freestylebmx, bicyclemotocross, bmx,











































A ride-a-long glimpse of bike culture from a kid's point-of-view. I recently checked this short out, and it was so refreshing to see kids actually having a blast without video games or other electronic devices! No, instead we get a fun and stylish "ride" with some colorful kids who get their kicks from riding, jumping, and racing their BMX bikes. One of the young riders, John Taschner, is also the film's director, writer, cinematographer, etc, and he clearly has a great eye for stylish composition. There's all sorts of fluid camera work and creative angles, all of which captures the fun and spirit of cruising around outside with your friends (remember those times?) I'm hoping that this short makes some waves at upcoming film festivals, because there needs to be more exposure for quality family-friendly entertainment such as this. I'll also be keeping an eye out for talented John Taschner's next film, as "BMX'd" certainly succeeded in making me feel like a kid all over again! Kudos to young filmmaker John Taschner. This was a fun little documentary-type short that got an Honorable Mention at the Los Angeles Movie Awards, and it really was a jazzy little gem. I remember when I used to ride dirt bikes with my buds, and this flick brought back those long lost, but never forgotten, memories. Those were the days of "look ma!" no helmet, no-guts-no- glory, backyard stunt extravaganzas...and of course, such events would occasionally end in a scraped knee or a banged up elbow. But any cuts or bruises were a small price to pay for the crazy fun of being a suburban pedal-to-the-metal daredevil with the kids next door. I for one hope that John Taschner makes a longer version of "Bmx' D," maybe a version with a group of rival bike-riders (like we had in our neighborhood), and a suburban bike race to end all bike races. Remember what the 90's movie "Airborne" did for roller-blading? John Taschner brings the same fun and energy to bike-riding. Great stuff, and looking forward to more!


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